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Welcome to Equine Photographers UK

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Welcome to Equine Photographers UK.

This site came about because someone contacted me having found my own site through Google. They had this domain name and it wasn't doing anything so they offered to sell it to me at a very sensible and reasonable price.

I didn't want it to be sold to someone who was going to try to make it a commercial site where photographers who could afford to have premier listings got an advantage over others who were just starting out. This site, by contrast, allows anybody to have a listing which includes all their contact details and social media links at not expense.

In due course there will be a form which can be used to add listings but to do that we will need a membership system. For the time being please use the contact form to add your details or email them to

The site has been designed without a WordPress theme and kept as simple as possible to rank on Google's Core Web Vitals index. To improve the visibility of the listings it would be great if you could link to your own listing page from your site(s).

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