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Lancashire. UK covered.

Esther’s considered approach toward her subjects and artwork allows her love and understanding of horses to shine through. Creating artwork which is both beautiful and emotive. Both in her commissioned work and limited edition artworks she truly captures horses’ spirit and personality giving their owners and collectors horse artwork inspired by the freedom and untamed beauty of horses.

"As a fine art equine photographer, one of the most beautiful sights in the world to me is a horse running without restraint. Undoubtedly, the power of this wild abandon is why horses inspire my love for photography and fuel my continued creative journey. Horses stir many emotions within us, they are the embodiment of freedom, beauty and spirit.
I’m inspired by the horses I photograph every day, and through my lens, I seek to explore the quiet untamed beauty horses possess and the emotive impact they can have on humans and the landscapes they inhabit". - Esther Towler

Equine Photographers UK — British Equestrian Media Association