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Equine Photographers UK is the perfect site with which to find an equine photographer near me. The site lists horse photographers by different attributes, such as the counties and areas in which they work, the types of equestrian photography they specialise in, and the shows or venues at which they work.

Finding an equestrian photographer near you

You can browse all the listings on Equine Photographers UK or you can narrow down your search using the filters on the left-hand side of the grid on the home page.

For instance, if you think you know the name of the horse photographer you are looking for but can't remember their details, you can use the Search by Name filter. Just start typing in the photographer's name and the grid will update to show you the appropriate photographers.

There is a also a Search by County option which allows you to tick the counties you would like to search. This will then fill the right-hand grid with the equestrian photographers in that county.

Search for horse photographers by show or venue

A recent addition to the site was prompted by feedback from journalists who were trying to find the photographers for particular shows or venues.

search for a horse photographer near me
If you know the specific show or venue then you can use the Search by Venue filter to narrow down the list of equine photographers

There are two filters to help with this. The Search by Show or Venue (list) filter allows the searcher to tick shows in a list to restrict the suggested photographers to those who work at that show or shows.

The second filter is similar to the photographer name filter and allows the user to enter the name of a venue. A few letters should be sufficient for the system to provide you with a list of venue which match the letters entered. Choosing one will then populate the grid with the venue photographers.

Search for equine photographers by discipline

Very few equine photographers work across a large number of disciplines, with most choosing to specialise in a small number. By selecting some of the disciplines in the Search by Discipline filter you can narrow down your search to those who actively cover the sports you have chosen.

Search for BEWA members

If the photographer is a member of the British Equestrian Writers and Photographers Association then there is a directory on their website which may also help you to narrow it down.

Finally, if all else fails, you can use the search box below to search the whole site for a specific word or phrase.


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